Husky 1000 Lumen Virtually Unbreakable Aluminum Flashlight

This flashlight has been a gift given to every adventurer in our house and each person received one for a different reason. Gear Mom was given hers to use as a light saber to scare away what goes bump in the night.  Gear Dad was given his so there would not be tears as Gear Son got his first.

The Husky Flashlight is a super fun light and super bright.  While it does have some serious weight to it, on a night hike, you could fight off the boggy man with it.  As you can tell, the Gear Guys spend a good amount of time in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where there aren’t any street lights nor lights on the trails or in the woods.  We have found that this flashlight is able to easily light up the very dark woods (and helps to comfort us when we hear a loud crash not so far away).  With the help of this flashlight’s power, the Gear Guys have even been able to convince Gear Mom to venture out into the woods after sundown.  This flashlight has a surprisingly long battery life, with each of the Gear Guys still using the original batteries after about four hours of burn time each.  While researching the flashlight, we came upon an amazing review of this flashlight.  The flashlight was left inside of a vehicle which unfortunately started on fire due to a power-line pole falling on it.  The entire vehicle was destroyed but the flashlight survived except for a melted lens and rubber protector (which was replaced and continue to serve the owner).   Overall, this is an amazing light for the price and we would highly recommend it, as long as you are not too worried about weight or size.

The Great Pyrenees rates it 5 Paws (out of 5)

  • 1000 lumen flashlight uses LEDs to furnish extra bright light
  • Includes 3 D-cell alkaline batteries for immediate use
  • Designed to withstand 30 ft. drop and 1 meter water submersion
  • Equipped with 3 long-lasting, cool-running Cree LED for brilliant illumination
  • Rubber-coated aluminum casing provides superb durability
  • Rated at 1 m waterproof and 30 ft. shock-resistant for utmost resilience
  • Tail button switches between high/low/strobe mode easily
  • Designed to withstand abusive job site conditions
  • Protected by a lifetime limited Husky warranty
  • Call 1-888-HD-HUSKY or visit for customer service and support

The Husky 1000 Lumen Virtually Unbreakable Aluminum Flashlight is built to tolerate abusive treatment. Drop-tested from 30 ft. and waterproof up to 1 meter, this flashlight is capable of withstanding the most demanding work conditions. The 3-piece premium Cree LEDs shine extra-bright light powered by three Energizer D-cell alkaline batteries (included). The ergonomically designed aluminum body features a rubber coating for superb comfort and grip.


 husky flashlight


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