The Gear Guys Adventures consists of a Gear Guy and his Great Pyrenees and Blue Heeler pup. We love to go on extreme adventures, and bring a long a lot of awesome gear to test out along the way! The Gear Guy is a full-time Firefighter/Paramedic for a large fire department, who loves to spend time deep in the northern woods with his pups on his off time. Our philosophy is to always be prepared for the worst case scenario, and to be able to adapt and overcome any scenario that may come our way.

The gear that we use must be able to withstand our rigourous testing in some very harsh conditions, because we need to know that it will perform one hundred percent reliably when we are adventuring in some very remote locations. We have to be able to trust our gear to be able to get the Gear Guy and his trustee pups home!

As you follow us on our adventures, we will review some awesome gear, share some tips and advice that we find out along the way, and share some of the Gear Guys photography!