Welcome to the Gear Guys!  Where “home and alive” is always the goal.

We are usually found on the adventure scene and usually with more gear than needed to get the job done! Hey, half the fun is having the gear and knowing that when the bottom falls out, you are the go-to-guys with the tools to get the job done (while still looking cool doing it).  We hope you enjoy our blog as we get to play with the newest and coolest gear that comes on the market.  Don’t expect this gear to be tested lightly because we have learned (and love the fact) that fear is never boring.  Expect us to test each product (safely) to it’s edge.

Because the Gear Guys always push their fun to the extreme  with the main goal of making it “home and alive”, you can be sure we know our gear!

We would like to say a special thank-you to Savurbks Blog for being so kind for providing the editing for our site.

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