When All Else Fails

You’re in the middle of the woods, you went for what should have been a short walk from camp, the sun is setting fast, and you can’t remember how to get back to camp…You went for a day hike, decide to make a campfire to make lunch over, but you forgot matches…You’re about to send up you’re drone for some amazing sunset footage, but forgot you’re phone cord that connects you’re phone to the controller…

All of these scenarios can easily be fixed with a”Get Home Bag”.  A Get Home Bag is a concept that the Gear Guys love.  This is similar to the “Save A Day” kit seen in one of our Tuesday’s tips.  The Get Home Bag is a bag or pack that has all of the “essentials” that  will get you back home.  The bag is something that you should always keep with you (in your car, on your back while hiking, etc.) in order to be prepared for the unexpected, and remember, a Get Home Bag can’t get you home if you don’t have it with you. It should include basic things that will get you out of a pinch.  Our Get Home Bag has saved us many times.  It doesn’t have to be anything too crazy or oversized.  Our pack is the 5.11 Rush 12 backpack; we have found that it is a very convenient size that is very easy to carry, and is just big enough to hold the essentials.  The contents of the bag really depends on your environment, and what you think would be useful in random situations.  Some basic ideas for it are cell phone charger, extra money, pens and paper, paracord, some basic first aid materials, ibuprofen, any medications you may take, and a flashlight.  These are just some very basic suggestions.  As mentioned before, the contents of the bag need to be suited to where you are, and what you will be doing.  For example – the contents for everyday in the city will be different from what you would want for a week in the woods.  We like to be prepared for just about everything, so our get home bag is stuffed to the max.



This is what we have in our Own Get Home Bag- cell phone charger, paracord, flashlight, extra batteries, matches, fire starter, magnesium and flint, knives (fixed blade and folding),  multi-tool, scissors, emergency reflective blanket, glow sticks, marking ribbon, paper, pens, whistle, GPS, ibuprofen, and a lot of first aid supplies as we are often far from emergency help – gauze rolls, gauze pads, CPR masks, instant ice packs, burn cream, insect bite relief, nitrile gloves, tape, and other assorted materials.  Whatever is in you’re bag, you should know your bag inside and out, where everything is so you can find it in the dark, and you need to be comfortable using everything that is in it.



Here is a list of items to get you thinking about what could go in your Get Home Bag. As we said, your bag should be filled for your particular needs and most importantly…location, location and location.

Stainless steel sigle water bottle (can be used to boil water in)

Water filter, and or purification tablets

Pocket stove

Lightweight emergency shelter (Tact Bivy)

High calorie, non-perishable energy bars

Survival knife and multi tool

550 paracord

Weather radio

Solar charger with batteries or just extra batteries

Detailed map as to your current location

High quality compass and/ or GPS

Compact binoculars

Emergency Beacon and rescue whistle, signal mirror

Tactical pen

Bear spray

Basic medical kit

Tactical Flashlight

Survival lighter, flint and steel, storm proof matches and TINDER

Hat, gloves, socks poncho, bandana

Wet wipes and hand sanitizer

Large gargbage bags, gallon zip-lock bags and heavy-duty zip ties, duct tape

Insect repellent

REMEMBER-Stay safe and enjoy building your bag (just another great reason to buy more or new gear)!!






4 thoughts on “When All Else Fails

  1. Love this post, guys! Thanks for reminding us that we need to be prepared for all the unexpected things that happen on our adventures! Thanks, too, for the suggestions as to what to put in the bag. I have a similar list, except I’m a medic, so I have a few extras, but for the most part, minus the surgical kit, you guys have pretty much the same gear as I do!

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  2. Funnily enough. I carry an everyday back bag, but here in the UK we don’t need bear spray and it’s illegal to carry knives. It’s surprising how useful the contents have been over the years. 😎

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