Tuesday Tip

This new year make the most of every minute by seeking out opportunities for adventure in your life rather than feeling disappointed and left behind. Here is how the Gear Guys minimize using up vacation days to have two-day, two-night adventure trips.

  • Gear is kept highly organized and all in one location to facilitate quick packing into large duffel bags.
  • Gear is packed into the appropriate duffel bags Thursday night, so it can be quickly loaded into our vehicle Friday after work.

Packed for SCUBA adventure

  • We have found with our schedules we can venture out (drive) up to four hours Friday night to some amazing locations and still have time for activities.  We have (and you should also) perfect setting up camp in in the dark.  We have named this action “coming in hot”…right off the road, into a site and perform a super fast camp set-up.
  • Make the most of the first night with activities such as night photography, night hike, star gazing etc.

Night-time photography

Now you will have all day Saturday,  Saturday night, and as much time on Sunday as you can afford to use before heading back to reality.  Keep your gear highly organize, perfect your packing / loading methods, and be able to make camp in the dark. With these skills, you can greatly increase your time in 2019 expanding your adventures. Final tip that  should not be left out, practice, practice and practice some more. In your yard at home or a park close-by, practice setting up your tent and using your stove and all other critical gear. Friday night at 10pm is not the time to be setting up a tent for the first time or figuring out a new stove.

Life goes by too fast to wish and dream of trips. Make the most of your time and plan out several quick adventures like the Gear Guys.  You will find that these short trips will help you hit the reset button in life for dreaded Monday morning.

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