Benchmade 580S Barrage Knife

The 580S Barrage knife made by Benchmade has become one of our favorite knives since we got it a year and a half ago.  This knife has been Gear Son’s EDC knife for the past year and a half, and he has absolutely fallen in love with it.  This knife has proven itself to us many times while using it at home, in the woods, on top of a cliff, and everywhere else we go.  The blade is razor sharp right out of the box (sharp enough to shave most of the hair off my arm), and holds its edge for a very long time.  Over the year and a half that we have had it, we have sharpened it only twice.  Both of the times that we sharpened it, we did so on our own; however, Benchmade has a service called LifeSharp.  You can simply ship the knife back to Benchmade where they will not only just sharpen your blade back to that factory razor edge, but also do any repairs covered by warranty and “tune” your knife for optimal performance.  This service has an approximate turn around time of five weeks.  We have found Benchmade to be an amazing company that takes really good care of their customers.  For example, if you ever break or damage the pocket clip on your trusty knife, simply contact Benchmade and they will send you a replacement free of charge.  While this is an amazing knife, some people may find it to be too large for an EDC knife.  It has a closed length of 4.75 inches, an open length of 8.35 inches, a blade length of 3.60 inches (serrated length of a little over 1 inch), and a weight of  4.31 ounces.  This may be large for some, however, we find it to be a really nice size.  The blade is made out of 154CM steel, the handle material is Valox ( a synthetic material that some may find too plastic but we find it to be a decent material that offers a good grip).  This is an assisted-opening style knife, meaning that it has a spring that launches the blade open when you start to open it.  The knife has an Axis lock that secure locks the knife in the open position so you don’t have to worry about it dangerously closing on you when you don’t plan on it closing.  This knife is completely ambidextrous (it even has a pocket clip that can be position on either side of the knife) with a lock release and thumb studs on both sides of the blade.  Overall, this is an amazing knife that we would highly recommend.

The Great Pyrenees rates this 5 Paws (out of 5).  





6 thoughts on “Benchmade 580S Barrage Knife

  1. Benchmade is a good knife. Nice review. My EDC is a bit smaller, Kershaw that I carry in town and on the trail. I’ll have to revisit Benchmade for a larger ‘field’ blade.

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