Kelty Concealed Carry Sling Bag

The Kelty Concealed Carry Sling is a small sling-style backpack with a specially designed compartment that allows you to mount a velcro attached holster, and carry your pistol without anybody knowing. This sling bag is designed to be very descrete and not call attention to the fact that you’re carrying a firearm.

The large main pocket of the sling has a rigid back with loop-sided velcro, and has two elastic bands that velcro in and allow you to attach extra magazines. This main pocket is large enough to allow a full sized Glock pistol to be mounted, along with an extra magazine. The bag also features two additional zippered pockets, one with two organizational pockets designed to be able to hold hand cuffs, or like you will find in Gear Son’s sling – some trauma supplies such as gauze pads and gauze rolls for packing wounds. The bag also features a mesh pocket on the outside to hold either a phone or small water bottle. The shoulder strap is designed to be worn slung across the chest/shoulder and is equipped with a quick release buckle and anti-slip grip on the underside of the strap. The bag also comes with a removable waist strap; however, using this would make it much harder to quickly pull the bag to the front in order to access your pistol. The bag is designed so that it is worn on the back and should you need access to the firearm, you simply reach back, grab the bag and pull it to the front, then unzip the main pocket and have access to your firearm. Gear Son found some tricks to make access a little bit easier. On the zipper for the main pocket, he tied a piece of 330 paracord on it using the cobra pattern which made it easier to quickly find the right zipper. Another trick to prevent opening the wrong pocket when seconds matter is to tuck the zipper of the secondary pocket in, so that the zipper pull is essentially zipped into the pocket and not mistakenly grabbed.

The exterior appearance of the bag is very plain, it comes in a black/grey or a blue/grey and does not look like a “tactical” bag with Molle loops on the exterior.

Overall, this is a great option for off-body carry of a firearm. Although, as just mentioned, though this is a great option, it does need to be mentioned that off-body carry comes with a few problems. One of the main issues is that it is slower to draw your firearm as compared to on-body carry and in some situations this could be deadly. Another issue is that if you set the bag down for any reason and walk away from it , you left your firearm unattended which is problematic for several reasons (you don’t have it on you if it is needed and somebody could potentially take it). There is also a potential that somebody could come up behind you and take it out of your bag without you knowing. All of these things should be considered when deciding how you will carry. No matter what method you choose for carrying your firearm, make sure you train and become proficient with that method.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5

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