Liberty HD – 200 Quick Vault Gun Safe

The Gear Guys take protecting the family, home, and of course, all of our gear seriously, and that includes keeping what defends us safe. The liberty HD – 200 is a quick access gun safe that can hold one full-size pistol, along with a few spare magazines. This vault has four large buttons on the front of it that allow it to be quickly accessed using a five digit code chosen by the owner. The safe does allow you to turn sounds either on or off, allowing you to be able to open the safe without it beeping. The safe can also be opened with a key as a back-up in case of battery failure. After opening the safe with either entry option, the door has a spring connected to it to make it automatically pop-up when opened. The vault has mounting holes on the back of it that allow it to be securely mounted to a floor, wall, or even the side of a bed. After opening the vault, the interior is illuminated by an LED light inside of the safe, which is powered by a 9 volt battery (which also powers the key pad) making it easy to see inside it during the middle of the night. The safe itself is constructed out of steel, is designed to prevent easily being able to pry open the door, and has a tamper alarm to notify you if somebody tried to open it. The safe is 5.4″ high, 8.5″ wide, 12.4″ deep, and weighs 9.5 pounds empty. This gun safe retails for approximately $150.

The Gear Guys rate this 4 out of 5 stars.

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