YakTrax Review

A true review by Gear Mom…


Recently, while accompanying Gear Dad and Gear Son on their ice-diving excursion, I borrowed a pair of YakTrax to use while trekking across the frozen lake. Given the choice between the chain bottoms and the spike bottoms, I chose the spike bottoms, hoping for more added traction.

Spiked version

Never having used YakTrax before, I was a bit unsure of what to expect. Easy to stretch over my boots and staying snug once in place, the YakTrax were ready to try. Walking gingerly at first, I soon realized the superior grip these coverings provided me on the ice. Slightly digging into the ice as I walked, I soon grew in confidence as I did not lose my footing even once. Almost able to walk at a normal pace, the YakTrax were also extremely comfortable.

Using them on my boots for almost an entire hour, I tested my sturdiness by removing the YakTrax for a bit while returning off the ice. Slipping and sliding while trying to maintain my balance, I definitely missed my surefooted abilities of the YakTrax. My only concern, do these rust? Would it be necessary to purchase this style in stainless steel (if they are even available)?

As a result, I absolutely recommend YakTrax and plan on buying my own pair soon.

Have you ever used a version of YakTrax? Have you ever tried running in them? Any places they might not work as efficiently? Please share your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “YakTrax Review

  1. I have owned and used several pairs of YakTrax and have found them to be fairly durable if you use them the same year you buy them. The reason I say this is because my YakTrax Pro pair of these had a bit of rubber rot and the steel coils broke out of one of the bracing X-s on the bottom of the forefoot, rendering them useless. They worked really well for an entire season last year, though! Expect rubber to rot and get a little torn up by metal coils. I don’t hold that against the company for poor workmanship or anything. That’s just normal wear and tear. Great product as far as I’m concerned! Like I said, I’ve owned several pairs, and when they go, I just get another pair. I tend to buy things in pairs, so I have one on standby if something happens to the one I’m using. The secondary pair should be switched out and used as your primary pair as soon as something happens to the primary pair, or you could alternate their use. Either way, don’t let the rubber get too old before you use them! Again, great gear!


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