Zippo Windproof Lighter

This review will cover our long-term use of the Zippo Windproof Lighter which we carry as our main source of flame for ignition of campfires and stoves, along with some utility use.

We purchased the orange model due to use on the trail in case it gets dropped, the bright color should stand out among the earth tones. We find the steel-cased Zippo to be very trail friendly as extra fuel can be carried along to refill as needed, as well as a spare wick and flint for quick overhaul if need be.

We do pack the lighter tightly in a small ziplock bag to avoid possible leaking of the fuel and evaporation of the fuel through the wick. The fuel has been known to have evaporated and therefore, not ready when needed if the wick is exposed to air. Be sure to keep your lighter tightly sealed to prevent this.

We tested the lighter in sub-zero temperatures after it was stored in a backpack while snowshoeing for two hours. When removed from the backpack, we attempted to light it. We were unable to get a spark from the flint wheel when the lighter was at sub-zero temperatures. We then warmed the lighter by putting it in clasped hands and blowing warm air on it. Once the temperature of the lighter was raised considerably, we were able to get the unit to ignite.

Smart tip… this amazing lighter will run off of white gas if need be. We definitely recommend this classic lighter to be your main or secondary flame source as we are very happy with the reliability under extreme conditions.

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