Tuesday’s Tips

Protecting your climbing rope and maximizing it’s life span:

According to Petzel the following precautions will help keep your trusty rope fit for duty and avoid early retirement.

Use a Rope Bag:   When your rope is in contact with the ground, it will have contact with dirt and other debris which can get into the rope strands and accelerate wear.  A rope bag will keep your rope off the ground and protected from dirt and other climbers trampling over it.

A rope should not be stored wet; a rope should be stored in a well ventilated area, chained or looped away from sunlight, until it is completely dry.

Do not store your rope in your car or trunk and also not in your garage due chemicals that can degrade the rope. High heat and chemical vapors can shorten the lifespan of your rope.

Alternate usage between the two ends to spread the wear equally to both ends of the rope.

Protect the rope when set up in a system from rubbing on sharp edges of rock and running on edges of a crack in the rock face.

Notice fabric pad protecting rope system from sharp rock edge.

Rope on rope, or rope on webbing friction is strictly forbidden. Always use proper set-up techniques when creating a system after you have been properly trained.

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