Situational Awareness on Adventures

Part of managing safety during adventures, both tame and extreme, is to be very vigilant of the current conditions as well as any changes in those conditions. Here is a list of important things you want to be constantly aware of:

*Current weather and pending weather?

*Time of day and how much remaining light is left in the day?

*Distance to intended destination and bail-out points?

*Terrain and elevation as far as what is ahead of you and distance to help or shelter?

*How many people are with you and where they are in their health / comfort level?

*How far away is help / how could you signal for help / whom to contact for help?

*Remaining resources, equipment, food, people, water, dry clothes, etc?

*How are you and your group doing such as warmth, dryness, energy level, and enjoyment?

When the situation takes a turn for the worse or conditions deteriorate, your constant analysis that you have been doing will help you be prepared to make adjustments to your plan. You will be able to build in more safety factors and takes steps to be proactive. Most importantly, you will know where and when to bail-out or seek shelter before you are in a situation beyond your control or skill level.

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