Seirus Ultra Clava Hood

291973_1_41From standing on a frozen beach when there is a windchill of -30 F so you can get a perfect picture of the stars, to spending a night in the middle of the woods when it is -5, the Gear Guys don’t stop just because it gets cold.  When it is this cold during our adventures, we know that it is imperative to keep all skin covered to prevent frost bite.  One of Gear Son’s favorite pieces of winter gear is the Ultra Clava by Seirus.  This Balaclava is made out of three different layers, a fleece-like lining, a Weather Shield® inner membrane, and a nylon outer shell to make it waterproof, windproof, and warm  when it gets really cold and snowy.  The hood allows you to wear it in three different configurations (just around the neck, around the neck and on the lower face, or as a face mask with full hood) which allows you to maintain the perfect temperature during changing conditions.  One of the downfalls with this hood is when you wear it with snow or ski goggles it tends to increase fogging of the goggles.  The hood also does take a little bit to break in; when you first get the hood it may seem a bit tight until it stretches out a bit.  The hood does pretty well in terms of breathability,  we have not experienced too many issues with it trapping a lot of moisture underneath it.  Overall this is a great hood to help fight off the cold, and we wouldn’t go anywhere without it during our bitterly cold winter expeditions.


Our rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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