Tuesday’s Tips


Clipping into safety lanyard until proper setup has been established.


Today our quick tips are on rock climbing safety-more specifically, rappelling.  As fun and adventurous as rappelling can be, it is one of the more accident-prone areas of climbing.

  • TIE THE KNOT! – You have heard it and we want to remind you. Tie a knot at the end of your rope when rappelling.  It is quick, it is easy and it will save your life.  Many people rappelling have slide off the end of their ropes to a tragic end.
  • TIE THE KNOT AGAIN- Why not have a qualified instructor teach you how to tie and use a prusic as an extra safety.  No excuses on this one…you can build one in 30 seconds and it will back up your rappel.
  • DOUBLE AND TRIPLE CHECK- Before going over the edge, check that your anchors are backed up and everything secure. Check your personal gear, is your harness double backed and locking gates locked, etc.  Check your rope, is it long enough to make it to the ground or the next anchor point. Go through your plans with your climbing buddy, do you both know the plan and agree on it. And last but not certainly not least, check everyone’s focus, are they in the right place, is everyone aware of the risks and accepting of them.

This is by no means a complete list…please seek proper training from your local climbing gym and please let these quick tip reminders keep your safer!


Unclipping from safety lanyard after all systems checked safe.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tips

  1. Brief but good tips. While some gyms have qualified instructors I’d just add seek out a qualified guide when learning new high risk skills. I have some Rappelling tips and videos over on the Tech Tip section of my blog.

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