Tuesday’s Tips


The Gear Guys just love tents…they are like building a fort when you were a kid. We enjoy researching them and trying them out for the first time.

Here are two quick tips we have run across in our hunt for the perfect tent:

  • It can be easier to assemble the tent with the main door unzipped and facing the wind.   Once the tent is fully assembled, then it can be turned to face the direction you want and re-staked.
  • When dissembling the tent, slightly loosen all rain-fly buckles or webbing. Also loosen window zippers to relieve stress upon the next assembly.`

3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tips

  1. Short and sweet… I’ll add if the view is just as good keep the door or at least a main vent facing into light wind… it will lead to a quieter night while facing the main door/vent away from the primary wind direction will lead to more flapping and less restful sleep. Practice set up a lot before committing to a long trip. Learn how to pull the tip off a tent pole and adjust the tension of the internal shock cord.

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