Tuesday’s Tip “Save The Day Kit”


The Gear Guys have a “Save a Dive Kit” for SCUBA diving; it has all the needed o-rings, dry suit seals, and miscellaneous tools neeeded to repair each piece of equipment. When we have a breakdown on the shore or out on the charter boat, we have a kit that can turn an emergency into a minor inconvenience.

We recommened that whatever adventure you are going to depart on, you build a small kit that has the needed parts for the pieces that are most likely to fail on your gear. An item like paracord can quickly be cut to replace a broken shoelace. Could you imagine hiking out of the back woods with a hiking boot slipping off your foot for a full day! Zipper repair kits, bailing wire and all the other supplies Macgyver would need to save the day should be in this small box / bag that can make you look like a hero to your team when you solve the problem.  The little bit of weight and space this kit will add to your pack or rig does not even come close to the payout it can give when the situation takes a turn.

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