Adventure Dog!


With late fall recently arriving in the Midwest, our mountain dog is awakening to the fact his adventure season has arrived. Now don’t get me wrong, our Great Pyrenees-German Shepherd mix is more then happy to tag along during the summer months but when you have a fur coat as thick as a polar bear and share the same build, you tend to over-heat rapidly.  While his name is Blaze, we tend to call him Bear, and in fact, we just bought a four person tent that we affectionately call his camping den.  We wanted him to be able to tag along on more of our adventures, as we all feel so lost without him when he needs to stay back at base-camp as there is not room for our 80 pound security blanket in our two person tent.   Blaze is the security staff of the Gear Guys…if you know anything about Great Pyrenees, they Offer great peotection and Will use their loud deep bark to scare off any squirrel, or blowing leaf for that matter, that comes within 20 yards of your campsite.  I do have great respect for his senses though.  On one hike, we were passing through an area and he paused and scanned the brushline long and hard and then, as a hearding dog will, he moved us along quickly from the area. Upon our return through the area shortly after, there were fresh wolf tracks as well as scat scattered over the area we had just passed.


We do find him a tad vain though as you can see from the above and below pictures -he has no problem stopping during his day to take selfies to post on his social media pages.


The picture below shows best the look we get when he is required to stay back at base-camp.  He will throw himself down on his pillow and let out the most pained sigh you have ever heard come from a beast.  We have to hear all about how we don’t love him and how we are not safe out there without him watching over us.


Now this picture below is the morning after he has joined us on a great adventure.  You can just see the look in his eye…that if the camera is not taken out of his face right now-he is going to remove the photographers arm…and now that you woke me-where the heck is my kibble!


Stay tuned for a detailed review of his fall camping trip with his brand new Kelty Discovery 4 tent.  The Gear Guys are hoping he does not steal all the covers as the mercury is supposed to dip down into the 20’s on our upcoming trip. We will fill you in with all the details soon.  Oh!  And he snores like a lumberjack when over-tired also!

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