Kate’s Real Food Bars

Receiving complimentary samples of Kate’s Real Food Bars, the Gear Guys decided to let Gear Mom do the tasting.

As an athlete who runs, bikes, rock climbs, scuba dives and works out regularly at the gym, I (Gear Mom) was excited to try these healthy samples of food bars.  Wholesome, certified organic and made in small batches to ensure quality, I have been looking for a snack that was clean, healthy, delicious and would provide energy.

Taking several of the bites with me to the gym, I found they were enough of a boost to allow me a great workout and make it until lunch.  Containing 4 mouth-size pieces of granola bites, each piece was easy to pop, texture pleasing, appetizing and just the right amount.  Each convenient 1 ounce package was a different flavor, each made of almost 90% organic materials,  was low in cholesterol and sodium yet contained substantial protein.  Available in Tram Bites (Peanut Butter, Milk Chocolate and Trail Mix), Grizzly Bites (Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate and Trail Mix), and Stash Bites (Peanut Butter, Hemp and Flax).  My favorite was the Stash Bites for the smaller packages.

Needing a bit more substantial nutrition while at work, I packed some bars for break-time to get me through to dinner.  Larger at 3 ounces each, rather than bites, these are more like large granola bars.  With the same flavors available as the bites with the same relative nutritional values, the Pocket Meal bars packed even more punch with extra protein and fiber.  Again, convenient to eat, satisfyingly textured, and naturally tasty, these kept me content until dinner.  Preferring the bars over the bites,  especially the Pocket Meal bars, they were fantastic!  The Grizzly Bar Pocket Meal was my absolute favorite.

Overall, I found Kate’s Real Food Bars to be nutritionally sound, supportive of my clean eating practices while being 88% organic, convenient for on-the-go nourishment, and extremely delicious.  I am thrilled with the healthy option of Kate’s Real Food Bars and would not hesitate to recommend them nor buy them in bulk.  In fact, I plan on placing an order soon for our very active family!

Thanks, Kate!  Well done!!






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