MSR Evo Snowshoes

The classic Evo Snowshoes were given to the Gear Guys as a gift three years ago which has allowed three seasons of vigorous testing.

MSR Evo Snowshoes



Environment, Conditions, Duration of Testing

Location:  Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan (Lake Superior shore line, off trail in deep woods, groomed trails, deep powdered snow,  flat and steep inclines both snow and ice covered).

Temperature Range:  -10 degrees up to  35 degrees Fahrenheit

Total Distance: 30 miles


Testing Summary

Tested in cold weather, we found the Duofit bindings to be very glove- favorable for putting the snowshoes on which was very important to us.  As a whole, the bindings are very quick to put on and easily accommodate a wide range of footwear. The bindings and their straps handle the weather (cold, ice, snow) without any problems and remain user- friendly and adjustable in all conditions.

The first season of use with the Evo’s was without the tails. The 8 inch wide and 22 inch length was just not enough surface area for the light powdery snow that can pile quickly in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.


Evo Tails

Evo Modular Flotation tails add 6 inches of on-demand flotation to any Evo snowshoe. Simply slide them on and twist down the adjustment knob for added flotation in deep snow, or when carrying a heavier pack. giving you the ability to have a total load of 250 LBS.

With the 300+ average annual inches of snow in our winter testing grounds, we made our first mistake of not adding the tails to our shoes. There was just too many areas with very deep powder that we were sinking too deeply into the snow to travel efficiently. The snowshoe without the tail performs great and efficiently on groomed trails and ice but not in deep powder.  Once the tails were added for the second season,  we loved them so much they were never removed in any type of snow condition.  The peg retaining system for the tails keeps them locked in place with a very confident solid feel.

This snow shoe is a true workhorse and once you get comfortable with your walking style in them, it is as if they are a natural extension of your feet. They are very light underfoot, weighing in at a light 3 LBS 9 OZ.  The snowshoe scores top marks for it’s ability to assist in climbing very steep ice; the crampons bite hard into ice and the packed snow with ease. We traveled up the frozen 25 foot Eagle River Falls and our travel was done quite effectively and with ease.


The snowshoes have also performed very well on the frozen shores of Lake Superior with a glacial winter environment.  The steel traction bars molded into the Unibody deck gives very sure footing on ice and other low friction surfaces. We have not had any problems with the traction bars bending or warping from walking on any type of hard surface.  We were able to go for a two mile hike over very rough and varying terrain and our legs did not tire. We tried it without the snowshoes at a later time and we were constantly trying to keep our balance-it was just not doable; however, with the shoes it was a very pleasurable hike.  They were also tested in the thick forest for their ability to stay securely attached to our feet and not out of alignment while handling difficult obstacles during hiking.  We were extremely impressed as when we first entered the woods, we did not follow a deer trail or any route but rather just took a heading and held course.  (We quickly learned that following the deer trails through the forest were the most efficient routes though.)

The Evo snowshoes are a joy to travel through open fields with in any type of snow condition. It was amazing watching our Great Pyrenees travel next to us in the powdery snow; we thoughts his paws would sink deeply into the snow but he was quick to spread his webbed feet and able to move with ease while not tiring nor slowing down. God has designed our Adventure Dog with “four- paw- drive” and built in deployable snowshoes.   Overall, snowshoeing has become a favorite activity of ours and MSR’s Evo shoes have made it very simple and enjoyable.

The Great Pyrenees rates MSR Evo snowshoes 4.5 paws out of 5


Manufacture Warranty Statement

Warranty & Repair

We at Cascade Designs, Inc. take pride in offering the highest-quality outdoor gear available, and we stand behind everything we make. If you experience any problems with a Cascade Designs product, the information below will help you with getting it repaired or replaced as quickly as possible.

Most damaged Cascade Designs products can be repaired

In order to keep our products in use and out of the landfills, Cascade Designs offers a repair service. If you cannot repair your product, please return it to the Cascade Designs Service Center. If possible we will repair non-warranty damage at a fair rate. For North American customers, please contact our Customer Service Center below for details on current repair fees. For customers outside North America, please consult our International Distributor listings. All of our international distributors have regional offices and are set up to service products purchased in-country and those being used by tourists and travelers. Some may charge a service fee on products imported from non-local sellers; please contact the distributor for details.

What is not covered

Normal wear, abrasion, misuse, alteration, abuse, taking apart of the product, or improper washing and drying are not covered. This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper care, accidents, prolonged UV exposure, or the natural breakdown of certain materials over long periods of time. Cascade Designs will not be liable for incidental or consequential damages. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation may not apply. Shipping charges to Cascade Designs for a defective product are not covered.




2 thoughts on “MSR Evo Snowshoes

  1. The ‘Evo Tail,’ for the MSR Evo Snowshoes is an innovative solution -offering a way to better float on a deep powder surface, and/or carry more weight. I’ve not seen this before.

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