Eureka! Apex Quality testing Eureka entry level tent

The Gear Guys scored a Eureka three- season tent at a gear swap at our local climbing gym and we thought we would test it twice before posting our findings.  Yes, we did test it in mild weather but not to disappoint, we tested it in a zero- degree snowstorm…exactly what it was not designed for!  We wanted to test out the Eureka tent technology and design / function methods as this tent is an older model and no longer

Environment, Conditions, Duration of Testing:

12 Hours in constant snowfall at zero- degrees Fahrenheit with 15 – 25 MPH winds

12 Hours in 60 degrees mild weather


Testing Summary:

We were very happy with what we learned about Eureka! tent design and system. The tent is a very simple set-up in the dark even with gloves on. We put down a footprint for the tent and slide the two poles into the pockets on one side, simply put the other end of the poles over the pins on the opposite side, and then placed the clips from the tent top onto the poles and it was up. We struggled a tad bit figuring out the proper direction for the rainfly but once it was lined up,  it was very simple to secure. Love the door design with the screen and solid panel joined together with a sturdy zipper…very happy with how the zippers worked in the snowy weather- no problem using them with gloves on and they never caught on the material. The rainfly did a nice job deflecting the powdery blowing snow so there was not much work keeping the roof clear. We liked the vestibules by each door as they were very nice to tuck gear into which kept the snow off of the items and also could be used for leaning out of the tent and cooking on a small stove if needed. The tent held up very well in the extreme weather event though it was used outside of it’s normal range.  As we said in the sleeping bag review, we woke up cold the next morning but the tent was not a struggle to take down and stow in it’s stuff- sack. We were very thankful for the quick take- down with our cold hands while we tried to pack up quickly but organized that morning.   Overall, we are very happy with Eureka! and look forward to trying more of their products.

Great Pyrenees Rating:  5 Paws (out of 5)












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