Everest 40 Inch Cargo Duffel #4020


Product Technical Data

Everest 40 Inch Cargo Duffel #4020

  • Manufacture Website
  • Item Number 4020 Cargo Duffel Large
  • Dimension      40 x 20 x 18 in
  • Capacity          14650 in3 / 240.1 L
  • Weight             4 lbs / 1.8 kg
  • Color Choices  Navy, Black, Green
  • Features:
    • A heavy-duty duffel bag
    • Water-resistant inner lining
    • Zippered flat front pocket
    • Velcro grab handle / two Compression Straps with buckle

Manufacture Warranty Statement

“Simple As That” Warranty (US Only)

We at Everest work hard to produce a high quality product free of defects. But in the event an issue does arise we have a lifetime warranty on all Everest Products. That means every Everest product is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product (excludes any applicable wheeled bags and luggage, which are warranted for a period of 60 days from the original purchase date).

Our warranty is effective as long as the product is used for its intended purpose under normal conditions. It does not apply to damage caused by typical wear and tear, unreasonable use or neglect.

To obtain service simply return the product to the address below and we’ll either repair or replace it upon inspection.

Warranty Service Center
655 S Santa Fe Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90021


Environment, Conditions, Duration of Testing

  • 30 hours fully loaded in car trunk under other gear
  • Stored : folded and compressed 1 year
  • Hauled fully loaded in and out of house 10 times
  • Temperature range of use: 0 Degree Fahrenheit to  75 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Weather conditions outside – exposed to 15 hours of steady snow fall
  • Carried with 40 pounds of gear by handles up and down stairs
  • Pulled on sled through forest
  • Dragged up hill through heavy snow-covered woods, one-tenth of mile
  • Zippers used 200 times with bag loaded to various levels


Testing Summary


OK…so we all know that our use of the bag is going to exceed normal use for it’s intended purposes as stated in the warranty BUT you can’t know the limits until you push it way, way past it, right?

Originally we bought this bag for loading with soft SCUBA gear such as wet suits and items we did not want to fold or crease a lot since the bag is 40 inches long. With our testing this past New Years weekend, we  believe the bag has earned a trusted spot in our line up, despite the price point of only $30.  We loaded this bag to the max with soft items such as sleeping bags, ground mats, and clothing mixed in with hard items like saws, boot dryers and cookware.  The bag can swallow gear like a hungry adventure beast and keep it safely contained until ready for use. With the temperature at 0 degrees Fahrenheit and constant snow, even though the bag was outside the entire time, the zippers worked smoothly, never once binding up nor grabbing the material to jam.  The material kept the items inside nice and dry even though we set it directly on the snow during a snowstorm. For durability we were absolutely amazed; wish we had a video to share.  On our way into the campsite, we strapped it to a sled and pulled it down hill through the woods while stuffed to the max – it handled perfectly.  On the way out, at 3 degrees Fahrenheit, the material did not become brittle nor stiff.  We reloaded and tried securing it to the sled; however, that didn’t work so well so instead it we went with pure brute force and dragged it out by the handle.  The seams and the fabric were amazing; this bag did not loosen one seam nor pop one stitch while being dragged up hill, through trees, and over logs.  Just amazing durability.  We ended with one small pin hole in a side panel which was a result of being punctured by a small dry branch.  (Expected due to amount of stress placed on bag-irrelevant.).

If you are looking for a durable, strong, fillable bag to haul gear with, this is the one.

The Great Pyr gives this product 5 Paws ( out of 5).

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